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Clubs & Activities Expectations

Expectations for Students

Information posted to discussions and Message Boards should remain on topic, positive, and free from the items below.

Please do not

  • post links

  • start your own threads

  • post negative, rude, or biased comments

  • create posts that are off topic or distracting to other students

  • share personal information such as postal address, e-mail address, phone number, or social media information

  • spam, which is typing repeated numbers, letters, words, symbols, or comments

  • use comments or content which would not be appropriate in a school setting

Please keep in mind that discussion areas and Message Boards are for students from a variety of locations, backgrounds, values, and ages. They are intended as a positive means for students to share ideas and communicate with one another. While we strive to be inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of all members, any communication in Message Boards must occur in a manner that is sensitive to all participants. Additionally, principals, teachers, caregivers, and parents/guardians have access to what is posted! Improper use of the Message Boards will result in students losing their privilege to post and/or access the Message Boards.

Remember our rule of thumb: When in doubt, leave it out!


Information for Caretakers

While we will try to keep student discussions and the Message Boards a safe and productive environment, parents are ultimately responsible for monitoring their minor and dependent student’s activity. While Connections Academy, Pearson Online Academy, and Pearson Virtual Schools have no obligation to monitor student discussions and Message Boards, they reserve the right to monitor the content and to delete, move, or edit messages that, in its sole discretion, it deems abusive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of intellectual property laws, or otherwise unacceptable.

Posts are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time; this varies in each Message Board. Connections Academy, Pearson Online Academy, and Pearson Virtual Schools also reserve the right to republish participants’ posts from the Message Boards elsewhere for any purpose and use after the student is no longer enrolled in school.

LiveLesson® Session Expectations

Students are encouraged to share in chat pods, on the microphone, and webcams during Global Clubs & Activities LiveLesson sessions. In order for our sessions to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere, students are required to follow the expectations outlined below.

Students will receive warnings when they do not follow the expectations. If a student continues to not follow the expectations, he or she will be removed from the LiveLesson session. Teachers reserve the right to remove students (with or without warnings) depending on the severity and/or frequency of infractions.

During LiveLesson sessions, students should:

  • stay on topic with the session content

  • use respectful and school appropriate language

  • keep a positive attitude and respect differences among the group

  • avoid sharing personal information (including birthday, home address, phone number, email, and social media information)

  • not share links of any kind

  • avoid posting “spam” in the Chat pod (spam is anything that is distracting to the LiveLesson session topic, such as: repeated letters/numbers/symbols, typing in all caps, posting the same thing multiple times, side chatting, or using “text talk”)


Student Discussion Expectations

Connections Academy Schools, Pearson Online Academy, and Pearson Virtual School programs operate student discussion areas and Message Boards to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions between members of the community of schools. Participants may only use the discussion areas and Message Boards for structured clubs, activities, and educational uses as specified by each school, and as described in each area in accordance with the Expectations for Students set out below. Failure by participants to adhere to the following expectations may result in removal of the post, removal of posting ability, and depending on the severity of the infraction, further disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion of the student, as well as other legal action.

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