Summer Camp 2022 Recordings

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Use the links below to catch up with the fun!

You can find the recording password in your school WebMail and the Clubs & Activities section of the Virtual Library under *Summer Camp*.



Hour of Code: Summer Edition (Grades K-5)
June 14
Elementary Talent Show (Grades K-5)
June 21
Making Quick & Easy Pizza (Grades 6-12)
June 23
Making Quick & Easy Pizza (Grades K-5)
June 28
Central Park Virtual Field Trip (Grades 6-12)
June 30


Outdoor Adventures
(Grades K-5)

July 5
Middle School Talent Show (Grades 6-12)
July 7
Kidpreneurs--Kids Who Made it $$$ (Grades K-5)
July 12
Kidpreneurs--Kids Who Made it $$$ (Grades 6-12)
July 14
Central Park Virtual Field Trip (Grades K-5)
July 19
High School Talent Show (Grades 6-12)
July 21
Job Opportunities for Kids (Grades K-5)
July 26
Job Opportunities for Kids (Grades 6-12)
July 28
Photography Showcase
August 2
School Year Kickoff