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Joining clubs connects students with their interests...

From arts and crafts to science and leadership, we have a club to spark the curiosity of students at all grade levels. These teacher-led clubs are a great way to encourage students to explore new interests.

Participation in these national, virtual clubs helps students feel connected to their school and to their classmates. Research proves that involvement in clubs can also improve academic achievement and graduation rates. All clubs are optional, non-credit and have no impact on student grades.

Caretakers can sign up their students for National Clubs between September 14, 2020 and April 16, 2021.

National Clubs & Activities Open House

New to National Clubs & Activities? Watch our September Open House LiveLesson session to learn more about our exciting offerings. Sessions are for students and their families alike. 

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Looking for something fun to do? Pop in and join us for a Pop Up event!

These are stand-alone sessions that do not require sign up or enrollment and topics are based on students' interests. Students can simply click on the link to the LiveLesson room at the appropriate time.


Click the button for the LiveLesson room links, session descriptions, and to view this month's calendar.

The Monitor Student Blog

The Monitor is a blog filled with articles written exclusively by students! Click on the button below to read about the issues and topics that matter to your fellow classmates around the country. Check back each month for new articles.

If you would like to contribute your own articles, talk to your Caretaker about joining the The Monitor Blog Club.

The Monitor Blog Flier 

Special Events

Throughout the school year, the National Clubs & Activities team offers a variety of special events. These events give students the opportunity to use their imaginations to create new things and to then share them with the Connections Academy community.

All Special Events for the 2020-2021 School  Year Have Concluded. Look for more Special Events next school year!

Enjoy some songs submitted by students in past Music Showcases!